The right question

The face of my neighborhood changes every single day.  From nearly any vantage point, at least one that is not obscured by the dozens of new buildings already erected, you could count up to a dozen cranes towering over their own personal piles of concrete and steel.  There is a daily shell game of which … More The right question

Rent or Own

The other day I was confronted with the not uncommon form driven question “Do you rent or own your home?”.  It’s not a new or even unusual question.  I’ve been asked that question dozens of times over the course of my lifetime.  It’s usually connected to something financial, something you’re trying to be approved for … More Rent or Own

reluctant missionaries

I’m old enough to have accumulated a great deal of baggage associated with the term missionary.  I remember when it carried with it imagery of the super faithful, those who traveled where most dared not, ate things that most dared not and wrestled with cultures that most had only read about.  During my undergraduate years, … More reluctant missionaries

The waiting …

I’m not so sure that many theologians would be known for quoting Tom Petty, but from where I walk and stand and sit, his claim that “the waiting is the hardest part” seems like a most insightful and honest claim when it comes to an incarnational form of neighborhood witness.  I have no doubt that … More The waiting …

Does your presence make you a character in your place

This past 9 months I’ve had the privilege of being a part of the Leadership in the New Parish certificate cohort.  Led by three notable and gifted practitioners of parish based ministry, and fueled by a collection of practitioners from across the Northwest and Canada, this group spent hours (100 seat hours to be exact) … More Does your presence make you a character in your place