calendar sync

In 34 years of marriage, my wife and I have just, in recent months, begun to get a handle on syncing our calendars.  Back in the day, there used to generally be one flip chart type calendar placed somewhere strategically in our house where, ideally, we would each write out the important rhythms of our … More calendar sync

lesson from neighbors

At some point, I guess, the concept of neighborhood was formed around some confines of place that included homes, businesses, third place locales, churches, etc.  Our neighbors were defined as those people who lived, worked, and served in one of those readily identifiable places.  In other words, at least in my own mind, neighborhood, whether … More lesson from neighbors

Spring Promise

So in January we moved into a new home in a new neighborhood.  A nearly 100 year old house in a quirky urban residential Seattle sanctuary.  Like most places here it had an overgrown, almost indistinguishable, assortment of dormant greenery that hinted of some long past intention.  Actually it looked as if someone stood on … More Spring Promise

The right question

The face of my neighborhood changes every single day.  From nearly any vantage point, at least one that is not obscured by the dozens of new buildings already erected, you could count up to a dozen cranes towering over their own personal piles of concrete and steel.  There is a daily shell game of which … More The right question

Churches and Fences

My ministry context is urban.  I mean it is really urban.  When I first moved to the city 18 years ago it was to what I would say is an urban “residential” neighborhood. For me that meant there were houses, yards, schools … smaller than I was accustomed to, but they were still there.  5 … More Churches and Fences

Rent or Own

The other day I was confronted with the not uncommon form driven question “Do you rent or own your home?”.  It’s not a new or even unusual question.  I’ve been asked that question dozens of times over the course of my lifetime.  It’s usually connected to something financial, something you’re trying to be approved for … More Rent or Own

naming it

I don’t know about the rest of you but I kind of appreciate when someone knows my name.  It means that there is some sort of connection there, possibly I have contributed something to their life that makes me memorable.  It seems a bit ironic, being an introvert and liking a degree of anonymity, but … More naming it