Pears and Pairs

I find that in neighborhood work it helps to not do it alone.  We all have different tendencies and talents.  We all have unique lenses and come from various contexts.  These cause us to pick up on different aspects of the same scenes.  For example, this morning I’m sitting in a new local caffeine establishment.  … More Pears and Pairs

moments of grace

It’s been two years since we made the emotional decision to close out a four year journey with our downtown faith community known as Common Table.  A number of times these past few years I have been asked to do a “post mortum” of sorts.  To be fair, no one has ever been insensitive enough … More moments of grace

Unexpected places

About a month ago we were spending several days away with dear friends who have been a significant part of our lives and ministry for the better part of 3 decades.  The trip may have involved a few wineries and some magnificent food. Most importantly it was a road trip with several hours of unscripted … More Unexpected places